Can your clients remember your name

Have you given your past clients a reason to remember your name?

Consistently acclaimed as the best in the business, Keep In Touch has been helping top real estate agents provide consistent, professional, personal and effective client follow-up since 1985.

Because Keep In Touch specializes in remembering the details of client follow-up, you may now safely Forget it!

Something to think about...

75% claim they would do business with their agent again, but only 7% do!

Top producing agents consistently claim between 70% and 95% of their business comes from referral sources.

80% of all agents do little, if anything, to generate referrals.

Remember the adage - 20% of the people do 80% of the business. Ever wonder why?


Past clients and their referrals are more loyal and generally take less effort to "make the sale" than a new customer (Five times the effort, says RMNI.)


Why do top producers nationwide choose Keep In Touch?

It's Consistent

Continuing to draw from a well established client base is the backbone of any successful business. But contact must be consistent to be effective.

Too often the demands of the current transaction keep you from following up on past clients.

With Keep In Touch the job gets done consistently! Keep In Touch extends a warm and friendly reminder on a regular basis, that you are still in business and ready and willing to serve them. You can relax and forget trying to keep track of what you sent when.

It's Professional

Expensive, high quality, custom designed cards, specific for your real estate needs are prepared on a schedule customized for each client. Each card is unique and makes this a "service that doesn't look like a service." Now you can forget the hassle of trying to find something professional and appropriate to send.

It's Personal

Mailings are hand addressed, stamped with beautiful commemorative stamps and sent to you for your approval, your signature, personal note and business card.

You may relax and forget addressing envelopes, forget looking for a stamp. Keep In Touch keeps you involved, but we do the work!

It's Effective

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It's Easy

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Your clients will begin receiving the best of your personal attention immediately.

Remember Keep In Touch. Forget the rest!